The Management has formulated the Quality Policy which aims to offer the Customer a product capable of fully satisfying his needs and expectations in compliance with the needs of internal economy and the constant search for technological innovation. The following guidelines have therefore been identified:
  • The ability to identify the needs of the customer
  • The ability to carry out what is requested by the Customer, identifying the criticalities of use of the product and using the best known technologies
  • The ability to ensure ever greater effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes, in order to make resources available for investment;
  • The ability to ensure the prompt technological updating of the instrumentation equipment related to the fundamental processes
  • Ensure that the Policy is subject to periodic reviews to ensure its effectiveness and adequacy over time through continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that the present/future activities, products and services are necessary for the specifications established by the European Directives and national Laws
  • Ensuring that the Policy is known by staff and available to the public.
The Policy and the Objectives are correlated from time to time reviewed and updated during Management Reviews. The company also has a Legislative Register through which all applicable regulations are kept under control.
July 20, 2022 
Download: Quality Policy - Certification